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I am fascinated with surfaces and constellations of things.

This two-fold interest is the ground from which my artistic practice grows, stretching between the two poles of naturalistic painting and conceptual drawing.

Starting out with studies of intricate shapes, artificial and shiny material, and colourful play of light, I soon broadened my focus from the surfaces of things to the structures beneath and between. Striving to understand what characterises a thing beyond its surface gives me the impulse to develop an abstracting stylistic idiom, which is sometimes more related to surreal, puzzle-like clusters of picture elements than it is to the representation of a specific situation. With a deep respect for the traditions of any one medium, I challenge their limits with the aim to enlarge their domain: on the one hand, my work pushes 2D images into three-dimensional space. On the other hand, I explore the relation of image and text and their harmonious juxtaposition, in which the image is emancipated from its role as an echo of the text: instead I aim for a meeting point of image and text on eye level.
I love gardens and the diversity of inspiration that this subject gives me: vibrant colours, varied spatial and sensual experiences as well as historical and symbolic considerations allow for a multi-faceted approach that keeps me enthused.

Biographical key data

* 1992 in Marktredwitz, Germany

Bachelor of Arts: Fine Art and Aesthetic Education + Media Studies + Philosophy, University of Regensburg, Germany

Erasmus-Residence, Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont-Métropole, France

Master of Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland

Shortlist, art prize Regensburg sponsored by university foundation Pro Arte, foundation Eberhard Dirrigl and Regensburg University Press

First winner, art prize Amberg sponsored by Sparda-Bank

Since 2020
Practice-based PhD: Fine Art, Bauhaus Weimar with external supervision from Glasgow School of Art

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Press and references

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Farbenfrohe Verbindungen

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Frei sein, und nicht allein

Solidarity video project initiated by Theater Regensburg (German)

Sparda-Bank vergibt Kunstpreis

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Instagram-Projekt: Kunst als Experiment

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